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This non-invasive, tail mounted sensor gathers over 600 pieces of data per second, analysing tail movement patterns, spinal contractions and levels of agitation to determine accurately when your cow is most likely to give birth. It then sends an SMS text alert directly to your mobile phone on average 1 hour prior to calving.


Be present at more calvings


Moocall clips on and off the tail with ease & moving it from cow to cow is simple. Nobody knows your cattle better than you so attach your Moocall calving sensor to the cow who you think is most likely to calf next. Once that calf is born, move it to the next cow. A well-managed Moocall unit can easily capture 6-7 calvings a week, and each device will cover up to 40 cattle on average.


Increase live births & farm profitability


About 17-18% of heifers will have complications on their first calving and even cows more experienced at giving birth will struggle 7-8% of the time. Almost 7% of all calves die during birth. This number can be drastically reduced by being present at time of calving. Moocall makes sure you are there when you are most needed & more live births directly impact your operations bottom line.


Be more productive on your farm


Moocall watches your herd so you can spend your time doing the things that matter most on your farm. Our motion sensor technology accurately detects the onset of calving notifying you about 1hr prior to calving. No need to keep checking on that heifer, we'll let you know when she needs you.

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