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Synchronised A.I.


Synchronised Artificial Insemination (A.I.) has many potential advantages. Using this technique allows access to high quality genetics i.e. semen available from bulls with top EBV figures, and as many different bulls and breeds as desired, without the need to buy and keep bulls. This also helps prevent inbreeding, especially in herds producing their own heifer replacements. Synchronised A.I. also reduces disease risk, particularly for venereal diseases such as Campylobacter.



One of the big problems with day to day A.I. is identifying cows in season, especially cows that have short or silent heats. Using synchronised A.I. eliminates this problem, helps tighten calving patterns and has the potential to improve marketing with better consistent quality, grouped, evenly sized calves which are easier to sell. In addition the calving dates can be predicted (but actual dates will vary due to differences in individual gestation lengths).



When considering synchronised A.I., plan the breeding program carefully in conjunction with your vet and A.I, technician. Always follow the recommended program especially with regards dates and times.


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