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Concrete Grooving


The constant passage of animals and machinery on concrete, can over time, produce a polished, very slippery and dangerous surface. Valuable cattle can fall and sustain injuries, sometime so serious that the animal must be put down. This is a serious loss to the owner of a carefully nurtured cow, heifer or bull. Unfortunately, the animals that seem most susceptible to slipping and falling are heifers just starting to give milk. This means that the farmer has been making an investment in the cow for about 2 years and is just ready to begin getting production from her when the animal is lost. Animals that are not seriously injured usually need months of help to get back on their feet.

                                                                When floors are wet, cattle are almost as likely to fall as if walking on ice. Cattle have trouble negotiating corners and quickly and become nervous and in the case of dairy cows, milk production can drop off.


One way to reduce the chance of slipping and falling is to have the concrete grooved. Grooves are normally cut in two directions, up to 5mm deep, to give the appearance of squares. As standard, the spacing is usually 2 ¾”, however, if required, please discuss other options. The machines are pedestrian controlled and can groove almost all concrete areas, small or large, from passages to collecting areas. Narrow areas can be grooved in one direction. The area concrete grooved can be used immediately upon completion of the grooving. The groove should last about 10 years.


The area to be concrete grooved needs to be free of debris, scraped clean and washed thoroughly. There is no call out fee, hidden costs or minimum charge. No job too big or small. To discuss concrete grooving or to book a visit, please call Stevie on 07850184313 or 01555841025. Alternatively email

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